Emphasis will be placed on the development of good, sound baseball and softball skills without sacrificing the enjoyment and fun of playing the game.

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Babe Ruth Division

In the spring of 2005, WYBSL restructured the Babe Ruth division. The Babe Ruth division was split into two separate divisions, a Westford in-town division and the Minute Man Travel division. Note: Players may NOT play in both divisions.

Here are some of the differences in the two divisions:

Minute Man Travel Baseball Division (13 to 15 year olds)

  • Higher level of competition involving middle school & high school freshman players. Faster pitching, stronger hitting and more demanding fielding skills are all part of this division.
  • Travel to 6 different towns, playing games every Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Strong commitment required by the players and parents for making all the games at all the towns.
  • 3-4 days per week commitment to the team for practices and games.
  • There were 5 teams total last spring, with 12 players per team. Each coach will draft a team from the pool of Minute Man registered players.  Those players who are registered but not drafted will be automatically put into the draft for the Westford in-town division or will remain on their current in-town team. Placement on a Travel Team is not guaranteed. Players not drafted can register for the travel division again the following year.
  • Each year teams draft replacement players for the exiting players from the division. The coaches will draft players from the Westford in-town division (all ages) and the previous season 6th grade majors - who register for the Minute Man travel division.
  • Teams will remain together year after year.
  • Registrations must be received by February 15th in order to play in this division.

Westford In-Town Division (13 to 15 year olds)

  • Less intense competition. Moderate pitching & hitting with more general fielding skills required for this division.
  • All games will be played on one of three Westford fields. Games will be mostly played during the week, with a few games on the weekend. 
  • 2 to 3 days per week commitment to the team for practices and games. All players registered for this division are drafted, along with those players that are not drafted into the Minute Man travel division. All players are eligible to sign up for the Minute Man Draft the following year if they choose to do so.
  • Coaches will draft replacement players each year from the previous season 6th grade majors division.
  • Teams remain together year after year.
We look forward to seeing you in our program during the spring of 2009. Our goal is to provide the opportunity for all Westford teenagers to play baseball in an environment and atmosphere that they are most comfortable with. Having two different levels of competition and commitment will help us meet that goal.