Emphasis will be placed on the development of good, sound baseball and softball skills without sacrificing the enjoyment and fun of playing the game.

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Westford Junior Ghost Baseball

The Junior Ghost program is our competitive travel baseball which participates in the Elite Baseball League (EBL).  Players interested in playing on a Junior Ghost team (ages U9 – U12) must attend a tryout in the spring/early summer.   It is important to note that this is not a replacement for Westford Rec ball.  We do require our players to register and play Westford Rec baseball in the Spring in order to sign up and play in this program.

Junior Ghost games are scheduled around our Rec games.

February through the start of Season (early April)- indoor practices, 1-2 per week.  These “winter workouts” are designed to get the Junior Ghosts into baseball shape through a combination of strength and conditioning and baseball training.

In Season (April through June)- The Junior Ghosts will typically play 2 games each Weekend including 10 division games and several other out of division games, both in Westford and around Eastern Massachusetts.  On occasion we may also choose to play in mini-tournaments.

Post Season- Depending on the final standing  there may be  a 1-2 Weekend playoff round in early June.

Price for Junior Ghosts will range from $700-$900. This includes all indoor practices in the off-season with professional instruction, field costs, umpires and uniforms. 

A Westford Junior Ghost Baseball League committee will locate talented, knowledgeable, and well mannered coaches who may either be a parent volunteer (non paid) or professional (paid).  Just as important as knowing the game and improving the kids baseball knowledge and skill level is finding coaches who can relate to our young boys and help them to grow their love of the game.  Coaches will stress good sportsmanship, team play and the fundamentals of the sport, making the boys better baseball players, but perhaps most importantly, teaching them to play baseball the RIGHT way. 

We understand that kids are busy and have many interests. Over the winter many of them will likely play other sports. Missing a practice or two is understandable. However, playing on a Junior Ghost team does require a significant commitment from the players and parents. In order to make the experience fair for all involved we will ask that the boys make a commitment to their coaches and fellow teammates. Building a strong, competitive team takes time and effort. We will ask that the boys make every attempt to make baseball and their team a priority.

Tryouts will be held each spring for the following year.  A note will be sent out from the WYBSL informing all those signed up for rec when and where tryouts will be held.

We cannot guarantee fielding a team at each age level. Teams will be made based upon the number of those trying out and their skill level. Under the perfect scenario, if we are able to field a competitive team at each and every age level, the boys will be slotted on teams based upon the same age level restrictions that Westford uses for Cal Ripken baseball, cutoff date is May 1. However if we are unable to form a competitive team at certain age levels, kids will be allowed to "play up" in order to assemble the best teams possible. Please keep in mind this is a "Tryout"...not every kid will make a team.  The Junior Ghost Baseball committee will assemble an independent group of evaluators who will grade those trying out for the Ghost teams.  No money is required until you have made the team, are contacted by a coach or Westford Board member, and accept your slot on the team.

QUESTIONS:  Contact Westford Junior Ghost Director, Terry Eliasen at at  .