Emphasis will be placed on the development of good, sound baseball and softball skills without sacrificing the enjoyment and fun of playing the game.

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Westford Junior Ghost Baseball

The Westford Junior Ghosts was created to give kids from Westford an opportunity to play competitive baseball in town, with their friends at a lower cost than some of the many AAU programs in our area.  
The goals of the program include:
  • Providing Westford kids an opportunity to play more competitive baseball in Westford
  • Keeping our talented baseball players in town, not losing them to outside AAU programs, therefore strengthening our rec and competitive programs that we can offer
  • Developing a comradery amongst players at their individual age group and preparing them to play competitively in Middle School and High School
  • Develop their baseball fundamentals and skills, again preparing them for higher level baseball as the get older
  • Above all else, teaching them to play the game the RIGHT way on and off the field...with sportsmanship and respect for all involved
All players on all teams will be given equal opportunity for playing time.  We bat continuous lineups (batting all players every game).  Every player will also play in a minimum of half the innings in the field for every game.  This includes playoffs, tournaments etc.  Players will still have to earn time at specific fielding positions as well as their place in the batting order but will be given every opportunity to prove themselves throughout the winter and spring as well as throughout the season itself.  The only way to lose playing time (including being removed from the batting order or given less than half the game in the field) is by a lack of hustle or sportsmanship.  There may be some rare circumstances when the team must bat less than the full team due to tournament rules or unforeseen circumstances, but these will be the only exceptions.  Lastly, there may be occasion when a player plays less than half the game in the field if a mercy occurs and the game is shortened, this would be outside of the coach's control.
Winning games and championships will only be a bi-product or secondary goal of all listed above and should not be placed with equal or greater priority in any circumstance.
Parents should also steer clear of the dugout space unless prompted by a coach on the team.  We ask that you trust your kids with our coaches, they will come find you should they need anything during a game or practice.  This will help to reduce potential distraction from the team and allow them to remain focused on learning the game.
Communication is key.  If you or your player have concerns about anything before, during or after the season we ask that you keep an open line of communication with your coaches and/or the program director.
In order to compete at a high level, we ask that our players and their parents make a commitment to the team and to the program.  We understand that kids will play other sports, especially in the off-seasons (and they should!)...but, we ask that you make every attempt to attend as many practices and games as possible.  If the entire team isn't "all-in" then it simply is not fair to the rest of the team and the coaches.  Our coaches are not paid, yet they give just as much time, if not more, than just about all the other teams we will be facing in a given year (most of whom are compensated).  So, please respect their time and effort by giving as much of your time, and your sons, to our program as possible.
Ghost seasons typically begin with winter workouts in January, which continue through March and are followed by the regular season which is played April through June/July in the Elite Baseball League.  Junior Ghosts is NOT a replacement for rec baseball...our players will be required to play rec baseball in addition to Junior Ghosts.  Junior Ghost games will be scheduled around our rec games, typically on Sundays in the spring.
Finally, in an effort to be as inclusive as possible to as many Westford baseball players as we can, teams will be completely re-made year to year.  Your spot on a Ghost team one year does not have any effect or significance towards making future teams.  Everyone must try out each year and earn their spot on a team.  Ghost teams are based solely on the evaluations of unbiased and independent evaluators at tryouts each fall.  The Ghost program will also make every effort to offer off season workouts for those not on current teams in an effort to raise the level of talent for those attempting to make future teams.  
Questions:  Contact Westford Junior Ghost Director, Terry Eliasen at at  .