Emphasis will be placed on the development of good, sound baseball and softball skills without sacrificing the enjoyment and fun of playing the game.

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15U Softball Division is a developmental league focused on the league’s mission of improving a player’s softball fundamentals, skills and knowledge of the game. Promoting good sportsmanship, team play and fun are the most important lessons we try and instill in our athletes.  As all players develop at different times, it is important as a league and coaches that we work with all players to ensure that they develop a lifelong love of the “game”.

The 15U program is a slightly higher competitive softball division than 12U.  The 15U Softball schedule will average three events a week, balanced between games and practices. Players are exposed to all positions, as the emphasis remains on player development and enjoyment. Players should be permitted to play all positions, if desired, as long as it doesn’t present a danger to them. Exceptions need to be discussed with the player’s parents. Outfield and infield play must be evenly distributed among all players and NOT assigned based on ability.

Teams are formed using a modified blind draft system based on player assessments from the previous Spring season.  For new players with no assessment on record, directors and coaches will work on a best-effort basis to assign them to teams in a balanced manner.  It is important to create teams that are as balanced as possible in order to maximize the enjoyment of the games.  As such special requests may not be considered when forming these teams.


ASA umpire; assigned by division umpire coordinator.

Please review the League Code of Conduct with your child. These rules are used through the season and are enforced. The rules pertain to coaches, players and fans.