Emphasis will be placed on the development of good, sound baseball and softball skills without sacrificing the enjoyment and fun of playing the game.

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1. Do I have to live in Westford to play on a WYBSL team?
Depending on the season and division, players from nearby towns are allowed to play WYBSL teams.  Please contact the Registrar or WYBSL Advocate for more information.

2.  I am new to Westford.  How do I register for WYBSL?
Please follow these instructions.
Select Register Online located on vertical menu bar → Scroll to desired baseball/softball division (i.e. T-ball Spring) and select Begin Registration select Continue select Create account Enter email address and then select create my account.

3.  I am new to Westford.  Where do I get more information on the different softball/baseball divisions?
Please follow this link

4.  My child also plays another sport.  How much time will my child need to committ towards baseball/softball?
The WYBSL recreational teams from T-ball on up are all about FUN.  We do coach skill development and learning how to play the game, but FUN comes first.  At the younger ages, there is one weekday practice and one game on Saturday.  The division directors will make a reasonable effort to accommodate your child's schedule.  Starting from U9 baseball and U15 softball, practices are unusually on Sundays and 1-2 games per week.  Practices and games ARE NOT  mandatory.

5.  Does WYBSL offer different competitive levels?
WYBSL has teams playing at different competitive levels depending on the season.  Below is a brief description of the teams for all softball and baseball players 12 and under.

Recreational - Spring and Fall.  No tryouts.  Every player is placed on a team and every team is balanced with players at different skills levels.  All teams are composed of players primarily from Westford.  Game rules are modified to allow equal participation for all players.

Summer MIB baseball and Middle Essex softball.  No tryouts.  Every player is placed on a team and every team is balanced with players at different skills levels.  The WYBSL teams compete against teams from surrounding towns.  The teams usually have to travel for away games.  Game rules are closer to the official Cal Ripken Rules and are slightly more competitive than recreational baseball.

Summer Bay State and Cal Ripken Travel Baseball.  Placement is based on tryouts.  Players attend a tryout and are selected for a single Bay State and/or Cal Ripken Tournament team representing WYBSL.  Official Cal Ripken rules are used for these competitive games. 

6. How are players assigned to recreational (non-tryout) teams?

U8 and younger baseball and softball directors will do their best to honor parental request for friends, schools, carpools, practice availability and coaching request.   U9 (baseball), 10U (softball) and older teams are formed using a modified blind draft system based on player assessments from the previous Spring season.  For new players with no assessment on record, directors and coaches will work on a best-effort basis to assign them to teams in a balanced manner.  At these older ages, it is important to create teams that are as balanced as possible in order to maximize the enjoyment of the games.  As such special requests may not be considered when forming these teams.

7.  Your Board of Directors and Division Directors do a great job!  How can I volunteer?
There are three ways to get more information on volunteer opportunities.
(i)   Register on line for Volunteer Your Time -- Coaching, snack bar, etc
(ii)  Go to our Board Members/Contact section for a list of open Board and Division Director positions.  Positions marked OPEN are available immediately.
(iii) Contact our President.

All volunteers receive a great salary (we are paid in smiles) and benefits (free smiles).